Drinker with bayonet cap, 6L, red, with legs

Product code: D6000LR

Drinker 6L ROOD met pootjes

  • Drinker 6L ROOD met pootjes

 Product description

Olba’s bayonet drinker, one of the most popular poultry drinking systems, is now also available with legs! The height of the drinker stops the water being littered from the ground below, so the water remains clean and fresh even longer! 

Are you curious why Olba’s drinkers are so popular? The pros of the bayonet drinker with legs:

  • Water remains clean and fresh even longer due to legs
  • Legs are easy to assemble
  • Made from extra strong PP-Copolymer
  • Easy to use by all types of poultry
  • Keeps strength and robustness thanks to the UV-resistant additive
  • Easy to clean and (re)fill 

Bottoms of drinkers can be stacked
All existing drinkers with legs have a mounting part on the bottom. That’s why the bottoms cannot be stacked. This gives a huge increase in volume and extra transport costs… This was a big challenge when we designed our drinker, but we did it! The bottoms of Olba’s drinkers can be stacked. A great advantage!

The drinker with legs is available in the colours red and green and with a capacity of 1.5 / 3 / 6 and 10 litres.


 Technical data

Ordering Packing Colli Colli naam Quantity Weight (kg) Volume (cm) (L*W*H)
0 CARTON 1 CARTON 10 4.8500 59x30x29