Drinking bottle with hinged lid 1L natural, with mounting bracket

Product code: DFK10

Drinking bottle with hinged lid 1L natural, with bracket

  • Drinking bottle with hinged lid 1L natural, with bracket
  • Drinking bottle with hinged lid 1L natural, with bracket

 Product description

This compact drinking bottle in white can be used for lots of animals. From rabbits to guinea pigs and all kinds of rodents. Thanks to the standard galvanized mounting bracket the drinking bottle can be assembled to almost every accomodation in the blink of an eye. The guaranteed leak-free nipple keeps the litter clean and dry and reduces waste.

Pros Drinking Bottle white with hinged cover 1L and mounting bracket

  • Frost resistant PPC plastic
  • Suitable for rabbits,guinea pigsand rodents.
  • Easy to refill within the accomodation, thanks to hinged cover
  • Always clean water
  • Galvanizedmounting bracket
  • Colour-fast due to UV-resistant addition to PPC
  • European quality stainless steel leak-free nipple

Water is from the utmost importance to all animals, that goes for rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents as well. In contrast to many other drinking systems, where the animals can get into direct contact with the water very easilty, this drinking bottle with hinged cover is very hygienic. The animals drink the water via the stainless steel nipple which keeps the water clean. This way the water stays proper for a long period of time and therefore the animals have access to healthy water at all times.

The drinking nipple is made out of extra firm plastic and high quality European stainless steel. Normally, this will rarely leak and last many years. And when it does leak? It’s almost always due to dirt on the nipple. Remove the bottle from the accommodation briefly, remove any hairs and clean the nipple thoroughly. That should fix the problem.

Extremely strong PPC; sun and frost resistant

Drinking systems have to endure all types of weather. But still, even in the middle of summer or during extreme cold they need to do what they're made for. That's why Olba chose to produce this drinking bottle in the frost resistant PPC-plastic. Of course, drinking systems will not function at temperatures below freezing point. But when freezing, this drinking bottle will definitely not break. Because we make this product at our own plastic injection moulding company we've added something to the raw material which makes the bottle UV-resistant as well. Discolorations belong to the past and the lifespan is extended. That's great, because this way the used colour combinations are beautiful to see even after years of use.

This drinking bottle is available in many different versions, which makes it suitable for a wide variety of animals. There is always a solution that fids your need. It makes this drinking bottle with hinged cover and a capacity of 1 liter the ideal drinker for many animal lovers. 

Your brand custom made

With a heart for animals and a passion for product development, Olba helps millions of people world wide taking care of their animals. People like you and me. Who love their animals and want to give them the best of the best only. That's why we independently develop and produce our products. Because we know the importance of proper functioning products. And doing just that, even after intensive use.

Good quality products enable people to take proper care of their animals. It's even better when those produts fit your brand. Thanks to years of experience and our own plastic injection moulding company 'custom made' is our specialty. Your logo, different use of colours or a unique packaging: at Olba we're always happy to help.



 Technical data

Ordering Packing Colli Colli naam Quantity Weight (kg) Volume (cm) (L*W*H)
1 CARTON 1 CARTON 24 4.0000 56x37.5x18.5
2 MASTER CARTON 1 MASTER CARTON 120 21.08 58x39.5x99