Hopper feeder 40L, plastic, green

Product code: HF40PG

Hopper feeder 40L, plastic, green

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 Product description

These plastic hopper feeders are available in three different capacities: 20 litres, 30 litres and 40 litres. The hopper feeders are individually packed and will be delivered in the Olba green colour. These feeders are suitable for chickens and other poultry.

The hopper feeder is made of high quality plastic and has an excellent stability because of its three legs. Because it is a tripod feeder and because the feed trough (where the animals eat from) is divided into several compartments (anti-waste-ring), the animals cannot scratch the feed out of the feeder and feed wastage is reduced to a minimum.

These sturdy hopper feeders are simple to refill by using the screw lid on top of the feeder. In addition, these feeders are also very easy to clean.


 Technical data

Ordering Packing Colli Colli naam Quantity Weight (kg) Volume (cm) (L*W*H)
1 PALLET 0 PALLET 18 72.0000 120x80x2.25
1 CARTON 0 CARTON 1 3.4 38.5x38x70.5