Incubator R-COM King Suro

Product code: R-COMKS

Incubator R-COM King Suro

  • Incubator R-COM King Suro
  • Incubator R-COM King Suro
  • Incubator R-COM King Suro

 Product description

The King Suro Max is a fully automatic incubator, which offers enough space to no less than 25 chicken eggs! The automatic egg turning system, together with the automatic humidification, ensures the fertile eggs lack nothing. Thanks to the transparent anti-condensation lid, the hatching little chicks can easily be seen. Guaranteed fun, for young and old.

Advantages of the R-COM King Suro Max

  • Extremely reliable
  • High capacity; enough room for 25 chicken eggs, 20 duck eggs, 12 goose eggs and no less than 60 quail eggs!
  • High hatching rate; >90% is no exception!
  • Easy to use; day 18 of the incubation period is the first in which manual adjustment is needed!
  • Automatic egg turning, temperature regulation & humidification with automatic pumping system
  • Incubation days display
  • Can be used as a hatcher, thanks to the rough floor
  • Simple to clean
  • Extensive user manual

Proven quality & handy features

R-COM has been active in the field of incubators for over 25 years and is known for being extremely reliable and innovative. The incubation of poultry eggs isn't the only place which proves their slogan “Love of Life”. They are specialized in incubators for reptiles, birds, kittens and puppies as well. Their broad product range for amateur and professional breeders, their products’ proven lifespan and their expertise in artificially meeting a wide variety of animals' warmth requirements, make R-COM one of world’s best incubator brands. 

R-COM's expertise can be found back in the R-COM King Suro Max. For example, think of the adjustable ventilation lever which precisely regulates the air supply. The perfect humidity is being threatened by water shortage? R-COM's King Suro Max alerts the breeder with a subtle alarm tone, so that the water tank can be refilled in time. The incubated eggs are extra sensitive to temperature fluctuations? No worries. The fans assure an extremely uniform warmth distribution, which is guaranteed by the revolutionary double insulation construction. This all-rounder goes the extra mile, since it even has extra reliable Swiss sensors. Thanks to these, the temperature and humidity can be measured as precise as possible. 

The only flaw in this R-COM King Suro Max, is the egg turning process that does not stop automatically. At the 18th day of incubation, the breeder must stop this process by hand. Then, as soon as the egg trays have been removed, the temperature has been lowered and the humidity has been increased, it is only a matter of time until the eggs will hatch.


Korean incubator champion

The Korean specialists have been able to make the King Suro Max an overall champion of a product. This incubator proves to be a worldwide best sellers, which is not for nothing. The value for money makes this incubator the perfect addition for both the hobby- as the professional breeder.


 Technical data

Ordering Packing Colli Colli naam Quantity Weight (kg) Volume (cm) (L*W*H)
1 CARTON 1 CARTON 1 3.9500 40x28x29