Drinking bucket with nipples 12L

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Drinking bucket with nippels 12L

  • Drinking bucket with nippels 12L
  • Drinking bucket with nippels 12L
  • Drinking bucket with nippels 12L
  • Drinking bucket with nippels 12L

 Product description

Clean drinking water at all times thanks to this drinking bucket with nipples. Poultry cannot foul the water and the nipples’s smart filter system guarantees pure drinking water for your chickens. Has it always been troublesome to you to keep the water clean and hygienic for your poultry? This drinking bucket with nipples is the solution!

Pros Drinking Bucket with Nipples 12L

  • Always clean drinking water
  • Frost-resistant PPC plastic
  • Easy to refill
  • Complete system; bucket, 3 nipples with filter & suspension set
  • Continuously adjustable suspension cord
  • Colourfast thanks to UV-resistant additive to PPC
  • Stainless steel leak-free nipple

Water is of vital essence to all animals, for poultry as well. Where other drinking systems come with a big risk on diseases due to direct contact between drinking water and poultry, this drinking bucket excludes that risk with its smart nipples. They are fitted with inventive filters, so dirt will never foul the water! The water stays fresh for a longer period of time and so the animals have healthy and clean drinking water at their disposal. A very hygienic water supply!

The bucket’s capacity is 12 liters, which is enough for multiple days of drinking water. No more daily refilling it is, and that saves time! Whenever you do need to refill, you’ll find out there has been put some thought into that aspect as well. The floor with three nipples is not completely at the bottom, so the bucket can easily be placed on the floor without the nipples touching it and get dirty or damaged. Place the bucket under the tap, fill it up with water and hang it back on the supplied suspension cord. Sounds easy, right?

This supplied suspension cord can be continuously adjusted in height. The perfect height? You’ve reached it when the animals can drink with a straight neck. The nipple itself is made from extra hard plastic and high quality European stainless steel. Normally this will rarely leak and last many years. And whenever there is a leakage, it is almost always due to dirt in the drinking nipple. Remove the nipple briefly of the cage and place it in a mix of chlorine for a maximum of 12 hours. Then rinse thoroughly so that any dirt- and chlorine remnants are completely gone.

Extremely strong PPC; frost- and UV-resistant

Drinking systems are often located at very windy and sunny positions. However, even in the middle of summer or during extreme cold they need to keep doing that what they’re built for.  That’s why Olba chose to produce this drinking bucket in the frost-resistant PPC-plastic. Because we make this product at our own plastic injection moulding factory we’ve added something to the raw material which makes the bucket UV-resistant. Discolorations will no longer happen and the lifespan is considerably increased. That’s great, because this way this hygienic drinking system will still perform well, even after years of use. Worried the drinker will break down in the winter? Don’t be, PPC is way more flexible than standard material.


 Technical data

Ordering Packing Colli Colli naam Quantity Weight (kg) Volume (cm) (L*W*H)
1 CARTON 1 CARTON 10 10.2500 33x33x66.5
2 PALLET 1 PALLET 270 280 120x100x215