Bayonet drinker 1.5L (PP) green new

Product code: D1500BNG

Bayonet drinker 1.5L (PP) green new

  • Bayonet drinker 1.5L (PP) green new

 Product description

A bayonet drinker is one of the most popular poultry drinking systems. Easy to refill, can be positioned on both the floor as hanging on a cord and very easy to use by the chickens. In addition, this Olba-variant is provided with extra protection against UV radiation. The choice of material makes this drinking trough resistant to the freezing cold. Both in summer and winter, this bayonet drinker will provide fresh drinking water for your poultry without any hassle.

Pros Bayonet Drinker Green 1.5L with handle

  • Reliable solid bayonet fitting
  • Easy to refill
  • Extra sturdy PP-Copolymer, (nearly) unbreakable
  • Easy to hang
  • Clear capacity indication

Fresh drinking water is of vital importance to poultry. The bayonet drinker offers chickens a simple access to fresh drinking water. Available in two colours and with a capacity of 1.5, 3, 6 or 12 litres this bayonet drinker series offers the right drinking water supply in every situation.

Made from extra strong PP-Copolymer

A proper drinking system is reliable, can take a hit and lasts long. Olba’s bayonet drinkers do just that. Thanks to the UV-resistant additive we’ve added to the plastic they keep their strength and robustness, even after years of intensive use. Besides, we’ve made this bayonet drinker from PP-Copolymer, which is many times as strong as regular PP. Especially during the cold winter months regular PP has a greater risk of breakage and will burst quickly. Luckily, this red bayonet drinker with a capacity of 12L isn’t bothered by cold temperatures and is strong enough to take a hit.

The bottom and cylinder are attached to one another by means of a bayonet fitting. Hence the name of this drinker. It’s a very strong connection which will not fall apart suddenly. Filling up this drinker is very easy; unlock the bayonet fitting, put the drinker upside down, fill it up with water and relock the drinker. This bayonet drinker can be used on the floor as well as hanging. The polyester suspension cord is sold separately.


 Technical data

Ordering Packing Colli Colli naam Quantity Weight (kg) Volume (cm) (L*W*H)
1 CARTON 1 CARTON 100 9.7500 80.5x28x29
2 CARTON 2 CARTON 100 5.75 40.5x36.5x22
3 BAG (PE) 1 BAG (PE) 25 2.25 79.5x13x13
4 BAG 2 BAG 25 1.3 19x19x21