Automatic incubator LUMIA 8

Product code: IB-LUMIA8

Automatic incubator LUMIA 8

  • Automatic incubator LUMIA 8
  • Automatic incubator LUMIA 8
  • Automatic incubator LUMIA 8
  • Automatic incubator LUMIA 8
  • Automatic incubator LUMIA 8
  • Automatic incubator LUMIA 8

 Product description

The Lumia8 is a small, technologically advanced, high performance machine. Its elegant design with “smart” technology makes this machine smart and easy to use and one of the best in its class.

  • Easy to operate & sets up in minutes! - comes pre-set so simply turn it on and add water and it's ready for eggs
  • Fully automatic and randomly turns eggs to replicate the mother hen which improves hatch rates
  • Very easy to clean
  • Clear top to make viewing the hatch easy for everyone!
  • Comes with a 2 year factory warranty
  • Egg trays can fit either small (quail) or large (duck) eggs in the same racks without having to change anything over.
  • Also includes a car charger cord (to plug into your cigarette lighter) so it's perfect if you ever need to transport eggs whilst keeping them at the right temperature.


LUMIA 8 automatically turns the incubated eggs for the entire incubation period. The microprocessor inside is programmed to regularly (and randomly) change the inclination degree of the eggs, always varying it differently, exactly as it happens inside a nest.

the humidity needed for embryonic growth is generated by static effect. There are special grooves on the bottom of the incubator, which are designed to generate the proper level of humidity during the entire incubation period.

the incubator lid, also in heat-resistant ABS, is entirely transparent to ensure full and constant internal visibility, without ever having to open the incubator during incubation or hatching. This is perfect for classrooms or home use to ensure everyone can watch as the chicks are hatching!

The limited requirements of the device are an effective response to the growing demand for energy saving and environmental protection.

This amazing feature is incorporated in all of the Borotto small incubators. Without having to open the lid to add water the temperature and humidity can stay constant throughout the entire incubation process.


Capacity Up to 8, for medium and large eggs (up to goose eggs). Or up to 32, for small eggs (like quail).
Power supply voltage
12VDC | 50 W maximum power | 20 W consumption per day
Display Digital temperature control with decimal point.
Range Temperature modifiable from Min. 30°C to Max. 40°C.
Thermostat Microcomputer with PID technology with an accuracy of +/- 0.1°C.
Egg turning motor 12VDC inclinations and variable intervention times controlled by a microprocessor
Ventilation 12 VDC silenced axial fan, 60 mm diameter, with Auto restart function
Heater 50W FLEX silicone cable resistor.
Sizes and weight 39X20 cm, high 22 cm. weight: 1.66kg

 Technical data

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