Digital incubation thermometer 'Check Up'

Product code: T1000

Digital incubation thermometer 'Check Up'

  • Digital incubation thermometer 'Check Up'

 Product description

Our best sold digital incubator thermometer since 10 years! We are convinced of its accuracy and so will you.

Very accurate incubator thermometer with a digital LCD display with a reading up to 0.1 degree.
With 1 digit decimal indication. Accuracy within 0.1 degrees Celsius, what equals the accuracy of a digital fever thermometer.
This thermometer is also provided with a switch to choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The temperature range of this thermometer is between 32-42 degrees Celsius. Below or above these values the termometer will not show any reading. The limited temperature range is what makes this thermometer so accurate.

The reaction of the thermometer sensor is very quick and therefore temperature changes are directly transmitted. De lenght of the sensor (50cm) allow the thermometer to be mounted on the outside of the incubator. It is advisable to mount the sensor on a fixed place in the incubator. If a forced air incubator is used, it is important that the sensor is munted as near as possible to the eggs. If a still air incubator is used, the sensor has to be mounted at the same hight of the upper side of the eggs. Turn the thermometer off after use. This will spare its batteries.

This thermometer is very suitable to calibrate other thermometers! Please note: calibration should always be done in a bowl with water at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and NEVER directly in the incubator!

Very accurate product for an affordable price!


 Technical data

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