Siphon drinker 25L, zinc plated

Product code: DS30M

Siphon drinker 25L, zinc plated


 Product description

This siphon drinker is perfect for larger groups of chickens, ducks, pheasants or peacocks. Access is possible at all sides, so multiple animals can drink at the same time. The galvanized steel and high quality plastic parts make this drinker stand firmly in place and last long. Thanks to it's 25L capacity the poultry can access clean water for a long period of time. 

Pros Galvanized Siphon Drinker 25L

  • Simple assembly, no tools required
  • Clean water for a long time thanks to large capacity
  • Access at all sides, multiple animals can drink at the same time
  • Easy refilling through filler cap
  • Long lifespan due to galvanized tank
  • Airtight seal ensures longtime fresh water
  • No algae growth in the tank, because it's fully dark
  • Ideal during vacations

Perfect for larger groups of poultry

Many drinking systems which offer open water combine a relative small capacity with a close-to-the-ground water access. When these are used at larger groups of poultry, it means a lot of refilling and water that gets dirty very quickly.  This galvanized siphon drinker does it differently. It's hefty capacity of 25L offers multiple days of fresh drinking water to groups of up to 30 chickens. If the group consists of no more than 5 chickens, there's even enough water to last up to 3 weeks! The drinking trough is assembled at 20cm of the ground. Most of the dirt can therefore not pollute the water. And because the galvanized steel tank fully isolates the water from sunlight, the grow of algae is impossible. The water stays clean for a long time and will not spoil. The access at all sides ensures multiple animals can quench their thirst at the same time.

Water flows into the drinking trough via a spout at the bottom of the tank. The water level is fixed, but can be increased by cutting of a piece of the spout. During the refill a rubber stopper can be pressed on the spout. This will prevent the water from running. Once done, the top cap is firmly secured. As a result, the tank is sealed airtight and a vacuum is created in the tank when water runs into the drinking trough. 

Galvanized steel is better than regular steel. The rust protection galvanizing causes ensures a longer lifespan and good looking steel for a longer period of time. The other used materials are of high quality and well built. This galvanized siphon drinker 25L will provide the poultry with clean water for years. More into plastic? This siphon drinker is also available in a firm white plastic with an even bigger capacity of 30 liters!

When assembling it's important to firmly secure the closing cap. This siphon drinker fills the drinking trough thanks to the vacuum in the tank. When the closing cap is secured improperly, the vacuum is not present and this will cause the drinking trough to flood.


 Technical data

Ordering Packing Colli Colli naam Quantity Weight (kg) Volume (cm) (L*W*H)
1 CARTON 1 CARTON 1 3.7100 35x35x41