Automatic incubator REAL 49 PLUS

Product code: IB-REAL49PLUS

Automatic incubator REAL 49 PLUS

  • Automatic incubator REAL 49 PLUS
  • Automatic incubator REAL 49 PLUS
  • Automatic incubator REAL 49 PLUS
  • Automatic incubator REAL 49 PLUS
  • Automatic incubator REAL 49 PLUS
  • Automatic incubator REAL 49 PLUS

 Product description


REAL 49 PLUS is top of the REAL range incubator from BOROTTO. The REAL 49 PLUS has all the features of the REAL 49 but also has:

The body is made using HEAT-RESISTANT ABS plastic, a material with superior mechanical resistance and insulation, with biomaster, a specific technological additive that significantly reduces and controls the growth bacteria to ensure constant production of healthy and strong chicks. 

Outside water channels have "dust stop" plugs

Fill the water levels up through two fillers on the outside of the incubator, which drastically cuts down humidity loss that would otherwise be wasted by opening (models with an internal basin have to be opened). The outside fillers are closed with special “Dust Stop” plugs, which are made of ABS polymer with biomaster antibacterial silver ion additive. The plugs prevent the water from being contaminated by germs and dust, thereby keeping the area around the egg cleaner and more hygienic.  

  • Fully automatic turning
  • Fill water levels without opening the incubator (and letting out heat & humidity

    • Super easy to operate & sets up in minutes! - comes pre-set so simply turn it on and add water and it's ready for eggs
    • Fully automatic turner rocks the eggs every two hours which improves hatch rates
    • Very easy to clean
    • Comes with a 2 year factory warranty
    • Egg trays can fit either small (quail) or large (duck) eggs in the same racks without having to change anything over.


Capacity 0-49 normal-size eggs, or 196 small-size eggs (like quail eggs)
Power supply voltage
240V power supply | 150 Watt maximum power | 70 Watt consumption per day
Display Digital temperature control display with decimal point.
Range Temperature modifiable from Min. 30°C to Max. 40°C.
Thermostat electronic precision +/- 0.1 ° thermostat
Egg turning motor one complete inclination every 1 hours
Ventilation 100 mm diameter turbine ventilation
Heater high quality hardened steel resistor heater
Sizes and weight 58x57x25 cm - 6.8 Kg

 Technical data

Ordering Packing Colli Colli naam Quantity Weight (kg) Volume (cm) (L*W*H)
1 CARTON 0 CARTON 1 7.8000 59.5x58x23