Digital incubation thermostat 'Comfort' construction model, max. 400W

Product code: TS-5000

Digital incubation thermostat 'Comfort' construction model, max. 400W

  • Digital incubation thermostat 'Comfort' construction model, max. 400W
  • Digital incubation thermostat 'Comfort' construction model, max. 400W

 Product description

This is the latest generation breeding thermostats especially developed for us.

The quality of this product is very high and the price competitive. The "Comfort" series consists in its totality of 4 regulator models, 3 of which are installation devices and 1 a building model. The TS-5000 is a building model.

Functionalities TS-5000:
  1. Temperatur setting per 0.1 degree
  2. Temperature reading in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit (optional).
  3. Justering van de aangegeven temperatuur.
  4. Manual setting of the PID values.
  5. Auto tune functionality.
What makes this building thermostat that special?
A digital thermostat usually works with a relay. This is a common ON-OFF thermostat where there is a certain amount of time set between the switching ON and – OFF of the heating. Hereby very frequently temperature fluctuations are originated. By post-heating of the heating element this problem is increased even more.

Our thermostat has a proportional control system (PID). When you switch on the connected thermostat the heating will heat 100% until the set temperature is almost being reached. From that moment on the thermostat will only pulse to keep exactly the good temperature. The setting of this “power pulses” can be manually changed. These settings consist of 3 parts. Abbreviated they are indicated with PID.

P (Proportional band), I (Integration time), D (Delay time)

These values are already set by us and normally you shouldn’t need to change them. Also this thermostat is provided with a “Auto Tune” functionality, where the self-regulating microprocessor automatically sets the right values. Many PID control systems have as switching part a so called solid- state-relay. This kind of relay is very expensive and not necessary for power up to 400 Watt. In this thermostat you can find a triac-switching (with cooling), which is very durable! The sensor of this thermostat consists of a NTC sensor and a 90 cm cord. The sensor is limited insulated to make it possible to record the tiniest temperature fluctuations. This is made possible by low tension flowing all the time through the sensor. The thermostat has a large display where you can read the actual temperature. The temperature range of the thermostat lays between 0.0 en 50.0°C (of 0.0-120°F). The setting and dreading are per 0.1 degree Celsius or Fahrenheit. The temperature settings can be easily adjusted by pressing on the up or down button. After a few seconds the adjusted value will be automatically saved in the memory of the product. To access and change the other functionalities you need to press for some seconds on the “SET” button. After this you need to insert a code to get to the program and be able to change the 6 functionalities.

The size of this thermostat is 80 mm(large)x120 mm(long)x35 mm(high).

Montage can be done easily by the out cut on its backside. The case can be fastened with 2 screws. Electric installation is very simple! You only need to connect the adapter and the heating supply (towards the heating) on the indicated spot behind the little flap. The cord can optionally be fastened with the included clip and then the flap can be shut. That’s all!
Conclusion: this is a great thermostat for your incubator!


 Technical data

Ordering Packing Colli Colli naam Quantity Weight (kg) Volume (cm) (L*W*H)
1 CARTON 1 CARTON 1 0.2160 13x9x6.5