Incubation thermometer with foot Celsius / Fahrenheit

Product code: TCFV

Incubation thermometer with foot Celsius/Fahrenheit

  • Incubation thermometer with foot Celsius/Fahrenheit

 Product description

This thermometer with stand has a good precision and is provided with an indication in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. For motor incubators a stipe is set at the incubation temperature of 37.7 Celsius and 99.8 Fahrenheit. The temperature range lays between 20-45 degrees Celsius (70-110 degrees Fahrenheit). Length is 150mm and diameter is 6,5mm.
This thermometer is provided with an stainless steel stand that can be easily be bent in the right shape. The stand is also provided with several holes to allow the thermometer to be set on different heights. Delivered included bolt/nut/plastic clamp for assembly.


 Technical data

Ordering Packing Colli Colli naam Quantity Weight (kg) Volume (cm) (L*W*H)
1 PER PIECE 1 PER PIECE 1 0.0340 16x10x2