Mechanical thermostat, max 16A

Product code: TS-MT16

Mechanical thermostat, max 16A

  • Mechanical thermostat, max 16A

 Product description

Mechanical Thermostat suitable amongst others for breeding rooms, nursing cages and other animal facilities.

This mechanical thermostat is suitable to be set at a temperature between 0 and 40°C.
The amperage must not exceed 16Amp. what means that the instrument switches maximum 3500Watt at 230Volt. It is also possible to switch at a lower voltage, such as 12 or 24Volt.

Connection of the thermostat.

The connection of this thermostat is very easy and can be done by following the supplied user guide/manual. It is important knowing that the thermostat switches off the power supply of one of the two wires of the heating. One wire is directly connected to the heating and the other runs through the thermostat. When the temperature gets to high, the thermostat interrupts the power supply to the wire and therefore it also switches off the heating!

Suitable for various applications.

The accuracy of this thermostat is about 3 ̊C. This value is the temperature difference between the switching on and out of the thermostat. This is ideal for animal facilities like breeding rooms.
The sensor of the thermostat is expandable by pulling it out. Please do this gently as it may break off. The sensor is filled with fluid and when it breaks it does not function anymore. Once broken it is also not repairable anymore. Ensure that the sensor (situated on the end of the coiled wire) is fixed in the proximity of the animals. As additional control we advise to measure the temperature also with a common thermometer.

This thermostat is of universal use in various applications. This can be for heating, but also for cooling! All this up to maximally 3500Watt at 230Volt.

Please notice: this thermostat is not suitable to be used in incubators as its accuracy is not sufficient for this kind of application.


 Technical data

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