Wire clip tool with automatic loader for C-clips

Product code: CTB7

Wire clip tool with automatic loader for C-clips

  • Wire clip tool with automatic loader for C-clips

 Product description

Hog ring plier with automatic magazine for C-clips

To give our animals the best of the best is something we all want. Protecting animals with decent fencing is part of that fors ure. This high quality hog ring plier with automatic spring-loaded magazine makes it easy to attach multiple pieces of fencing together. It’s a definitive goodbye to intruders; a genuine safe accomodation for poultry is within hands’ reach thanks to this hog ring plier.

Pros Hog Ring Plier with automatic magazine for C-clips

  • Hardened steel components for extreme durability
  • Simple one-handed control thanks to the ergonomic rubber handles
  • Automatic spring-loaded magazine
  • Ideal for those spots where there’s no power

This hog ring plier is perfect for making mesh products, like animal pens and trap cages. Need to perform a bigger job and there’s no power connection nearby for a a pneumatic hog ring plier? This semi-automatic hog ring plier offers the solution! No longer the work needs to be interrupted constantly for loading the springs, because the spring-loaded magazine does it for you. This magazine holds up to 50 zinc-aluminum C-clips or stainless steel C-clips, which are loaded into the plier automatically. This makes the work a lot easier and quicker. After being applied, the clips have a size of 7 - 9 mm. The opening side of the clips at this hog ring plier is on the side. The plier needs to be positioned crosswise on the wire panel that needs to be assembled.

This affordable hog ring plier excells in reliability and lifespan. It is the perfect assistent when placing fencing and a very versatile supplement to the existing tools. Want to work both quick and effective with C-clips? Then this hog ring plier with automatic magazine for C-Clips is absolutely indispensable. 

Proven versatility

This plier’s versatility appears from the various tasks it makes easier to perform. One might of:

  • Closing multiple plastic bags, cloth or mesh material
  • Craft applications
  • Fixing upholstery
  • Attaching nets to protect plants
  • Permanently attach labels to pot plants

In order to succesfully use this hog ring plier for as long as possible, it is advisable to lubricate it with oil after use. Then store it in a dry place to prevent it from rust.

Always wear safety- goggles and gloves. Keep both hands and body out of reach of the clamping mechanism and make sure other persons stay at distance. The hog ring plier with automatic spring-loaded magazine is meant only for the above described purposes. Improper use can result in serious injury.


 Technical data

Ordering Packing Colli Colli naam Quantity Weight (kg) Volume (cm) (L*W*H)
1 CARTON 1 CARTON 1 0.3740 19x8x3.5
2 MASTER CARTON 1 MASTER CARTON 50 18.25 42x35x22